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Ai Weiwei on Censorship

Ai Weiwei appeared in conversation with TED-founder Chris Anderson at the 2011 TEDActive conference in Palm Springs on Thursday. One of more than 70 speakers, Ai discussed freedom of expression, cultural loss and censorship in China.

The talk occurred as Chinese officials ramped up internet monitoring and policing efforts amidst calls for Jasmine Revolution-inspired protests in major Chinese cities.

Stating ”I’m living in a society where freedom of speech is not allowed,” Ai spoke concisely about contemporary Chinese realities. He continued with comments on the integration of activism into his artistic practice, saying

“I’m trying to involve my art with society, to build possibility.” Ai was given a standing ovation and exited the talk as rumors swirled about why he didn’t attend the conference in person.


Originally Reported 07/04/2011



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